Future directions - GWC website update March 2016

Louis Delacretaz has done an excellent job redesigning the  new look Green Wedge Coalition website. 

I have attached my first 'Future directions website update. This is the same document that was circulated to you earlier by Rosemary West in a request for information on activities from member groups.

The purpose of this document is three fold, to identify:

1. Overall priority issues

This section is to be made available, with some editing, to the public on the website in order to provide interested persons and organisations with an understanding of the issues being addressed by the Green Wedges Coalition and very importantly to encourage feedback and gain useful information and support for advocay of our issues.

2, Issues specific to individual Green Wedges

This section is for internal distribution only and is to provide a shared undertsanding of the issues being tackled by in each of the Green Wedges. I will be contacting each of the nominated contacts in the respective Green Wedge areas to discuss what information is available. Once the information is entered for the first time, a job which I am happy to help with if wanted, it should be a relatively easy process to do regular updates. This information can then also be used for any annual reporting purposes.

3. Helpful case studies

The section is again for internal distribution and its purpose is to provide helpful case studies to share information on issues (e.g. planning applications, VCAT hearings) that could be useful to members in undertanding the scope and nature of issues being dealt with across the Green Wedges and making contact to compare notes for tackling those issues. I also propose to investigate and trial the use of the 'Forum' option on the GWC website for members to discuss specific case studies.

Please send any comments, corrections, revisions or update information directly to me at alancthatcher@gmail.com



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Tuesday, 29 March, 2016
Alan Thatcher