Greater Dandenong Planning Scheme C143

Dandenong Planning Scheme Amendment C143

This Amendment is designed to implement the recommendations of Dandenong Council’s commendable Green Wedge Management Plan to protect and improve the Green Wedge.

The Amendment was placed on public exhibition in Feb ’16 and invited comments until 7 Mar ‘16.  A planning panel will consider the amendment next July and will take submissions in writing or in person.  The panel’s report will go to Dandenong Council and then to the Minister for Planning for his decision.

Council received 42 submissions supporting the Amendment and 21 that objected.  The objections included some from large landowners covering 1,150 hectares advocating that they should be permitted to use their land for residential, industrial or commercial development.  These claims cover approx 48% of the privately owned land in the Green Wedge and represent a major threat to the Green Wedge’s existence.

The Amendment, the various submissions and a covering report by the Council Planning Dept will be considered at a Council at a meeting on 26 April.

The threatening proposals include:

- 570 hectares in Keysborough South to be rezoned to Rural Living Zone with a minimum subdivision limit of 0.2ha which is approximately half an acre.

- A large Gold Coast style theme park in Frankston Dandenong Road, Bangholme - see attached newspaper article.

- A $15M wholesale produce market in Harwood Road, Bangholme - see attached newspaper article

- The carve up of Keysborough Golf Course for housing.

- 337 hectares in Banghole to be rezoned to an industrial zone.

The Defenders of the South East Green Wedge will be supporting the Amendment and opposing those proposal that threaten the Green Wedge.

Please note:

The land affected by amendment is shown in the Greater Dandenong Planning Scheme Amendment C143 Explanatory document that is attached.


Defenders of the South East Green Wedge
Monday, 11 April, 2016