Place of Worship, Browns Rd, Devon Meadows - Submission

The proposed Place of Worship and car parking at 73 Browns Rd, Devon Meadows is contrary to the purposes of the Green Wedge Zone A (GWZA) which are:

  • To implement the Municipal Planning Strategy and the Planning Policy Framework.
  • To provide for the use of land for agriculture.
  • To protect, conserve and enhance the biodiversity, natural resources, scenic landscapes and heritage values of the area.
  • To ensure that use and development promotes sustainable land management practices and infrastructure provision.
  • To protect, conserve and enhance the cultural heritage significance and the character of rural and scenic non-urban landscapes.
  • To recognise and protect the amenity of existing rural living areas

The report in the Casey council agenda does not address those purposes nor does it address the GWZA decision guidelines set out in clause 35.05-6 nor those for Non-Agricultural Uses in Green Wedge Areas Policy, clause 22.08-5 which include:

  • How the use or development relates to agricultural land use, rural diversification and natural resource management.
  • Whether the site is suitable for the use or development and whether the proposal will have an adverse impact on surrounding land uses.
  • The need to protect the amenity of existing residents.
  • Protection and retention of land for future sustainable agricultural activities.

This site is more than 4Km outside the area specified in Casey Council’s adopted Western Port Green Management Plan in which Places of Worship may be considered.

Even within that area proposals are required to be considered “subject to strategic justification”. There is no strategic justification provided in the documents presented to council.

An existing illegal use is not a strategic justification for a use to be allowed.

This use should be considered as if it was not operating, that is does it meet Casey Councils policies and planning scheme requirements.

To protect and conserve Casey’s green wedge land for its agricultural, environmental and recreational opportunities inappropriate developments must be refused so that future compatible land uses are not compromised.

Given that

  • The use clearly does not comply with the purposes of the zone or Casey Council’s policy for Non-Agricultural Uses in Green Wedge Areas Policy,
  • The application does not address the decision guidelines set out in clause 35.05-6 and clause 22.08-5 of the Casey planning scheme,
  • The site is located more than 4Km outside the preferred area for these uses and
  •  No strategic justification has been provided.

Casey Council should refuse this application

(Individual submission to Casey Council on 3rd December, 2019)


Green Wedges: 
Tuesday, 3 December, 2019