160 community & environment groups across Melbourne have formed a coalition to protect Melbourne's green wedges. We regard maintaining the green wedges for future generations as a yardstick for our generation's commitment to developing a sustainable city in a sustainable world.

Planning for disaster

Michael Buxton, The Age

Melbourne already has 30 years of land supply but Ted Baillieu and Matthew Guy want more.

HOPES have faded that the Baillieu government would continue the moderate approach to land use of former premier Sir Rupert Hamer. Instead this is government in the Jeff Kennett style.

The Baillieu administration is rushing to change the Victorian planning system, with radical deregulation changing Melbourne irrevocably for the worse.


Her green vision should be hailed

Mary Delahunty should be remembered not for her occasional frustration with anti-development groups (''Delahunty memoir reveals developer sway on planning'', 22/8) but for her historic vision and the green wedges protection policy she developed with the backing of then premier Steve Bracks in 2002.


PROTEST RALLY - Parliament House - 24th Nov, 12:30pm

If we wish to retain the environmental assets of the Green Wedges it is now time to make a stand.

This is our last chance to stop the Green Wedge destruction and landholder rip-off legislation now before Parliament. 

Please join 

Green Wedges Coalition, Taxed Out, Protectors of Public Lands and Planning Backlash


in a demonstration on the steps of Parliament House

At 12.30 for 1 pm next Tuesday 24 November.   

Speakers will include: 

  • Matthew Guy - Opposition Planning Spokesman
  • Greg Barber - Greens planning spokesman
  • Michael Hocking - Taxed Out
  • Julianne Bell - PPL
  • Mary Drost - PB and
  • Rosemary West - GWC.

Taxed Out is organising this Rally and has invited GWC, PPL & PB to take part and to speak.  

It will be very important to have as many people as possible & to bring placards if you can. 

The legislation is due to be debated in the Legislative Assembly on 25 November: please let us also pack the galleries on that day."


-          green wedge, public lands and urban planning backlash groups unite in protest


In a last ditch attempt to stop this unprecedented Green Wedge destruction, The Green Wedges Coalition has joined Protectors of Public Lands Victoria Inc. and Planning Backlash to hold a:       

                                               PROTEST MEETING

                                      1 PM, TUESDAY 22 JUNE 2010


Speakers will include: Greens MLC Colleen Hartland; Legislative Council Coalition Leader, David Davis, and representatives of Protectors of Public Lands; the Coalition of Concerned Councillors; Taxed Out, Planning Backlash and Green Wedges Coalition.  


Our groups call on MPs to VOTE NO TO PLANNING AMENDMENT VC67




If ratified by Parliament this planning amendment could signify a catastrophe for Melbourne - our city will be changed irrevocably forever. 


State Government is set to unleash unprecedented environmental, agricultural and landscape destruction in the green wedges when it moves Parliamentary approval of planning scheme amendment VC67 at 3pm on Tuesday. VC67 will expand the Urban Growth Boundary to replace 43,600 ha of green wedge land with suburban sprawl. It will take green wedge land for freeways and freight terminals and provide for increased urban density along Melbourne’s tram and principal bus routes.


The UGB expansion will clear for urban development 5,000 ha of environmentally significant Western Basalt Plains grasslands, the grassy woodlands of the Maribyrnong and Merri Creek catchments, with their giant red gums, and 4000 ha of the South East food-bowl where highly productive market gardens using recycled water double as Southern Brown Bandicoot habitat. (Please see details below and attached.)


It will also destroy the certainty on which green wedge protection is based. The developers who will profit from speculative purchases of green wedge land to be rezoned by VC67 will go looking for more spec purchases outside the next UGB.


The Coalition parties have said they will not oppose the UGB expansion, but they will oppose the E6 freeway, which is close to the existing parallel Craigieburn Freeway and they will oppose amendments to Clause 12, which provides for increased urban density. We call on them to hold firm on these issues and in addition to move amendments to save at least some of the above-listed priority green wedge areas from development.


 Before the 2006 election, Liberal, ALP and Greens MPs surveyed by the Green Wedges Coalition all supported the current Government policy to protect green wedges "including the present boundaries."   Only the Greens have stood by their election policy and have consistently opposed the UGB expansion. We call on Coalition MPs to support the Greens motion to refer this matter to a committee to negotiate amendments to mitigate the damage.

Why UGB expansion plans are seriously flawed: analysis by Jenni Bundy

The Melbourne @ 5 Million documents and consequent plan to expand the UGB to provide further green-field residential land from Green Wedges, announced in December 2009, are based on incorrect and deeply flawed land supply estimates. These invalid figures are the basis upon which the Government has deemed it necessary to move the UGB.

The figures require amendment and other relevant planning and particularly, economic factors require re-examination.

Save Coomoora Reserve Coalition

Damon Anderson, SCRC

Are you aware that VicRoads plans to bulldoze much of Coomoora Woodland Flora and Fauna Reserve in Keysborough soon to make way for the Dingley Bypass?

State Government gives green light to bypass environmental protection

A devastating blow has just been dealt to Coomoora Woodland Flora & Fauna Reserve and environmental conservation in metropolitan Melbourne by the State Government. The Minister responsible for administering the Environmental Effects Act 1978, Justin Madden has decided that no Environmental Effects Statement (EES) is required for the Dingley Arterial Project.

Coomoora Nature Reserve facing imminent threat of destruction


As the threat posed by the VicRoads Dingley Arterial Project to the Coomoora Woodland Flora & Fauna Reserve looms large and ever closer, Keysborough residents and concerned citizens have formed a coalition to protect the local community, environmental and cultural heritage values of the affected area.

The VicRoads Dingley Arterial Project involves the construction of a four-lane, 3.5km dual-carriage extension of the existing Westall Road extension, from Springvale Road to the Dandenong Bypass.

Please no second sellout

So the opposition is "poised to agree (with state government) on the $2 billion infrastructure tax" that would allow the government to rezone 43,600 ha of Melbourne’s green wedges for suburban development (The Age, 16/4). On the same day, the "Access to senior Libs for sale" report appeared.


Ten months ago, similar reports of ALP fundraising lunches with the Planning Minister and Premier followed the government’s land deal announcement which, if it goes ahead, will destroy the certainty needed for green wedge protection.



Madden backflips overturning VCAT order protecting Green Wedge golf course

Rosalie Counsell

Even as Justin Madden was making his hypocritical announcement last month about no more urban growth (Minister alters view on sprawl, The Age 3/12), his Development Facilitation Taskforce was recommending that if Cardinia Shire Council wants to assist a private club with its viability problems by facilitating a currently prohibited residential subdivision, it should amend its planning scheme to fit and investigate "developing land surrounding the Club for residential purposes".