Proposals for built development threatens the Frankston section of the South East Green Wedge

Defenders of the South East Green Wedge

On 18 July Frankston Council approved plans for a very large double storey ‘place of worship’ on the corner of Boundary and Frankston Dandenong Roads, Carrum Downs, in the South East Green Wedge. The complex also includes two ancillary buildings, a guest house, a caretaker's house and a barn, with a combined footprint exceeding that of the Bunnings Frankston building.


Plan Melbourne refresh - submissions analysis May 2016

Green Wedge Coalition

Plan Melbourne Metropolitan Planning Strategy Submissions Analysis - May 2016

This following documentation is a direct extraction of content from the State Government’s recently released Plan Melbourne Metropolitan Planning Strategy Submissions Analysis May 2016 relevant to the issues of the Green Wedge Coalition as detailed in our submission to Plan Melbourne refresh process made in December last year.

This report was independently prepared for the State Government by Capire Consulting.


Greater Dandenong Planning Scheme C143 - update 4 June 2106

Defenders of the South East Green Wedge


The Greater Dandenong Council has advised that the Council will be considering a report about submissions received on Amendment C143 at its Ordinary Meeting of the Council on Tuesday 14 June 2016.

A copy of the report will be available on Friday 10 June at all of the Council's customer service centres or on the Council website at


Proposed Cemetery in the Green Wedge at Heatherton

Defenders of the South East Green Wedge

Proposed Cemetery in the Green Wedge at Heatherton

The Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust (the Trust) has a proposal for a 130 hectare cemetery in the Green Wedge at Heatherton.  Unfortunately, the proposal will result in the conversion of most of the best market garden land in the City of Kingston.


Greater Dandenong Planning Scheme C143

Defenders of the South East Green Wedge

Dandenong Planning Scheme Amendment C143

This Amendment is designed to implement the recommendations of Dandenong Council’s commendable Green Wedge Management Plan to protect and improve the Green Wedge.

The Amendment was placed on public exhibition in Feb ’16 and invited comments until 7 Mar ‘16.  A planning panel will consider the amendment next July and will take submissions in writing or in person.  The panel’s report will go to Dandenong Council and then to the Minister for Planning for his decision.


The Future of the Green Wedges and the importance of agriculture

Alan Thatcher

This is a copy of an article that I preared for Planning News the regular publication of the Planning Institute of Australia, Victorian Division, in March 2015 edition. It discusses the importance of agricultural land use to the future strategic planning for the Green Wedges.

The future of the Green Wedges


Green Wedges Coalition - overall priority issues and actions

Green Wedges Coalition

The Green Wedge Coalition (GWC) in its submission to the State Government on Plan Melbourne Refresh Discussion Paper (October 2015) strongly asserted that what is needed in revision of Plan Melbourne for the future of the Green Wedges is:


Why UGB expansion plans are seriously flawed: analysis by Jenni Bundy

The Melbourne @ 5 Million documents and consequent plan to expand the UGB to provide further green-field residential land from Green Wedges, announced in December 2009, are based on incorrect and deeply flawed land supply estimates. These invalid figures are the basis upon which the Government has deemed it necessary to move the UGB.

The figures require amendment and other relevant planning and particularly, economic factors require re-examination.

Black Saturday: Remembering Jenni Bundy and Jenny Barnett

The Green Wedges Coalition would like to acknowledge the great work for Green Wedges  and the great loss to Green Wedges of our members Jenni Bundy, who perished at St Andrews and Jenny Barnett, who perished with her husband John at Steels Creek on Black Saturday, ten years ago today. Jenny Barnett was a keen and knowledgeable environmentalist who loved the bush and generally attended our meetings with Andrew Booth, Jenni Bundy was Kahn Franke’s right hand in the Green Wedge Protection Group and was enthusiastic about the VPPs. We think of them both today with grief and admiration.


Coomoora Nature Reserve facing imminent threat of destruction


As the threat posed by the VicRoads Dingley Arterial Project to the Coomoora Woodland Flora & Fauna Reserve looms large and ever closer, Keysborough residents and concerned citizens have formed a coalition to protect the local community, environmental and cultural heritage values of the affected area.

The VicRoads Dingley Arterial Project involves the construction of a four-lane, 3.5km dual-carriage extension of the existing Westall Road extension, from Springvale Road to the Dandenong Bypass.