Save Coomoora Reserve Coalition

Are you aware that VicRoads plans to bulldoze much of Coomoora Woodland Flora and Fauna Reserve in Keysborough soon to make way for the Dingley Bypass?

The VicRoads Dingley Arterial Project involves the construction of a four-lane, 3.5km dual-carriage extension of the existing Westall Road extension, from Springvale Road to the Dandenong Bypass.
The bypass extension will run directly through the Coomoora Woodland Flora and Fauna Reserve (Melway 88, K8), as shown on the VicRoads aerial map (see the reverse side, Reserve is in the centre).
Coomoora is a natural oasis used by bushwalkers and local school groups and the community. It is one of only five nature reserves in the City of Greater Dandenong, the only one in Keysborough, and one of the few remaining green wedges in the south-eastern metropolitan region.
As contracts for construction of the bypass are to be finalised by December (for works to commence in early 2010), urgent action must be taken now to protect our valuable nature reserve.

Negative impacts on flora, fauna and cultural heritage

A flora and fauna survey and cultural heritage assessment commissioned by VicRoads show that the Dingley Arterial Project will seriously damage Coomoora Woodland Flora and Fauna Reserve, which:
• includes habitats of potential national and state significance for fauna conservation,
including one Habitat Zone of “Very High” conservation value
• potentially supports 10 threatened and 4 endangered flora species
• potentially supports 1 threatened mammal, 10 threatened birds, and 1 threatened frog
• includes at least one registered Aboriginal cultural heritage place, a scarred tree, nearby that will be destroyed
• 38% of all significant native trees, and 33% of all trees with “High” conservation value, will be removed
Overall, up to one third of Coomoora Woodland Flora and Fauna Reserve will be bulldozed and the remaining section will be fundamentally compromised, thereby endangering the ecological integrity,biodiversity and sustainability of this valuable flora and fauna reserve.

Inadequate public and community consultation

Residents of Keysborough and surrounding areas were only advised of the exact route of the bypass in early July 2009, via a hand-delivered VicRoads brochure. VicRoads is not undertaking a proper public or community consultation process, but instead is conducting “Community information sessions”.
Keysborough residents and the wider public have not been adequately informed and consulted about this project, which will have a major impact on our local environment and quality of life.


Make your voice heard! !

VicRoads plans to sign contracts to construct the Dingley bypass by December 2009. Construction of the bypass is due to commence in early 2010. Don’t let the State Government and VicRoads ignore you! Insist that they conduct an Environmental Effects and Cultural Heritage Assessment and consult with the community! You can protect Coomoora Flora and Fauna Reserve if you act now!

Who to contact urgently

You can help protect Coomoora Reserve by contacting key decision makers now to urge them to:
“suspend all contracts and plans for the Dingley Arterial Project until a comprehensive Environmental Effects Statement (EES) and Cultural Heritage Assessment have been conducted, and the local community and wider public are properly consulted”.
The Dingley Arterial Project is adjacent to a Melbourne Water retarding basin and, together with the Coomoora Woodland Flora and Fauna Reserve, falls directly within the electorate of the renowned bush walker and State Minister for Water, Tim Holding. It is also in the electorate of the Federal ALP Member for Isaacs, Mr Mark Dreyfus, who is a member of the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Climate Change, Water, Environment and the Arts.


Send a short email, fax, letter or phone call to:

Tim Holding (Member for Lyndhurst):
Suite 3
387-389 Springvale Road
Springvale VIC 3171
Tel: (03) 9547 6262
Fax: (03) 9547 2416
Mark Dreyfus (Member for Isaacs)
Shop No.6, Parkmore Shopping Centre
Cheltenham Road
Keysborough VIC 3173
Tel: (03) 9769 1955
Fax: (03) 9769 1977

Other key Federal and State Ministers to contact are:

Gavin Jennings, State Minister for Environment & Climate Change & Innovation
PO Box 500
East Melbourne VIC 3002
Ph: 9096 8830
Fax: 9096 8866
Peter Garrett, Federal Minister for Environment, Heritage and the Arts
PO Box 6022
Parliament House
Canberra ACT 2600
Tel: (02) 6277 7640
Fax: (02) 6273 6101

for more information or to help contact:

Save Coomoora Reserve Coalition (SCRC)
Contact Damon Anderson
Mobile: 0425 784 983



Survey markers suggest that more of the Reserve will be bulldozed than is shown below

Damon Anderson, SCRC