160 community & environment groups across Melbourne have formed a coalition to protect Melbourne's green wedges. We regard maintaining the green wedges for future generations as a yardstick for our generation's commitment to developing a sustainable city in a sustainable world.

Place of Worship, Browns Rd, Devon Meadows - Submission

The proposed Place of Worship and car parking at 73 Browns Rd, Devon Meadows is contrary to the purposes of the Green Wedge Zone A (GWZA) which are:

  • To implement the Municipal Planning Strategy and the Planning Policy Framework.
  • To provide for the use of land for agriculture.
  • To protect, conserve and enhance the biodiversity, natural resources, scenic landscapes and heritage values of the area.
  • To ensure that use and development promotes sustainable land management practices and infrastructure provision.
  • To protect, conserve and enhance the cultural heritage significance and the character of rural and scenic non-urban landscapes.
  • To recognise and protect the amenity of existing rural living areas
Tuesday, 3 December, 2019

Objection to Retrospective Place of Worship Application, Devon Meadows

I am writing with an urgent plea. Please do not approve this urban use application. Each one that is approved provides incentive and precedent for another, and I think this is the first in the Western Port Green Wedge. But if it gets through, this highly vulnerable area will be subjected to the same assault of urban use applications that we are now seeing in Narre Warren North and Narre Warren East.

Saturday, 30 November, 2019

Proposed Place of Worship and Car Parking - Objection

The subject site, 73 Browns Rd Devon Meadows, is located on Green Wedge A Zone (GWAZ) land in a rural area, surrounded by farms.

The Green Wedges Coalition has frequently opposed applications for schools and places of worship in the Green Wedges on the basis that schools should be where the students live and religious edifices should be where the parishioners live. These are fundamentally urban uses, and it is poor planning to allow them in the rural fringe areas where they increase car usage, generate heavy traffic flows on green wedge roads and impact adversely on the amenity of those who choose to live in the countryside.

Even though Place of worship is a Section 2 use (Permit Required), this does not make it “as of right”. There is plenty of scope to refuse an application if it doesn’t satisfy the long list of policy objectives, strategies, guidelines or zone requirements for the area.

Thursday, 17 October, 2019

Objection to the rezoning of Green Wedge land to Commerial

Yarra Ranges amendment C186 proposes to re-zone 361-365 Mt Dandenong Tourist Rd (three lots) from Green Wedge A zone to Commercial 1 zone due to a request from the land owner for a  commercial zoning to facilitate additional commercial uses.

The UYDRA regional planning authority investigated the region in 1981 and again in 1992 producing a multitude of technical reports including those on the landscape living and commercial areas of the Dandenong Ranges. The former Shire of Sherbrooke exhibited and adopted a planning scheme in a the late 80’s and the now Shire of Yarra Ranges has also exhibited and adopted a planning scheme that includes these sites.

Sunday, 8 September, 2019

How to vote for Green Wedges


How to vote for the Green Wedges

The Green Wedges Coalition has recently met with the planning spokespersons for each of the State parliamentary parties, with generally good results. 

All parties support a permanent Urban Growth Boundary to protect the Green Wedges from urban development.  We hope this encourages land-bankers and developers who have bought up Green Wedge land in the hope of windfall gains from rezoning to sell to genuine farmers and conservation landholders.